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Powerful Spaces of Transformation

The workshops that I organize are powerful spaces of transformation where you are made to feel alive!

Emotional Release and Integration Retreat

“Welcome and listen to your body to release your emotions – To access its transformative power – To fully incarnate in its power!”
Emotions are bodily messages that our soul sends to us to communicate to us what is alive in us deepest. Through emotions, certain things, hidden in our unconscious, try to show us their existence.

In the modern world, a great place is left for logic and the mind. Thus, intuition and emotions are set aside and often relegated to the background. Collective beliefs are conveyed: “showing your emotions is a weakness”, “You must not be vulnerable”, “you must not be sad”, “it is not good to be angry”…

Sub Heading

Through these workshops on emotions, we want to create transformational spaces, to connect you to your emotions, to express them using the different tools and then to integrate them as a part of yourself.

Sub Heading

We will use breathing, movement and sound, the Rebirth or Breathwork method, inner dialogue (aspecting), emotional release techniques, emotional integration, Korean relaxation, integration of shadows, active meditations, free dances, talking circles, rituals and guided journeys as tools for transformation.

To come to these courses, it is preferable to be engaged in a process of self-knowledge, and it is necessary to have an interview with one of the facilitators.

Retreat dates

to share the adventure together in 2023!

Explore yourself!

Septembre 2023: Stage L’Intégration Émotionnelle  animé par Gaston BACCHIANI

Découvrez cet outil puissant basé sur l’accueil et le ressenti de chaque émotion, pour créer de l’espace dans le corps, recalibrer les mémoires associées et intégrer ses différentes parts émotionnelles.

Séance individuelle d’au moins 1h en présentiel ou en distanciel.

Novembre 2023: Stage Libération Émotionnelle

A travers ce stage sur les émotions, nous souhaitons créer des espaces transformationnels, pour vous connecter à vos émotions, les exprimer en utilisant les différents outils et ensuite les intégrer comme une part de vous-même.

Le stage commencera à 20h le Vendredi 10 novembre 2023 et se terminera vers 17h le Dimanche 12 novembre 2023.

✨ LIEU :
A La Ferme des Essarts, à Saint-Paul-lès-Romans dans la Drôme, à 20 min de la gare de Valence TGV.

✨ PRIX :
Animation : Dans une fourchette de prix en conscience entre 180 euros et 300 euros par personne pour l’animation.


I’m listening to you!

Through these different courses, I offer you a journey of exploration of yourself. I am like a high mountain guide who has already traveled these paths a little before you and who continues his journey.

Today, I feel this momentum to share this adventure by your side and I can’t wait to see you take your place in this world!

15 years of experience

in the service of humanity!


Bruno Chenesseau

I did several Emotional Integration sessions with Chacko. I was able to connect with my problems until I felt them physically. Rather than fighting them, recognizing them helps to establish a positive internal discourse. It works!

French Water Ski Champion (Veteran, 2019)

Niki Pappadapoulou

The session with Chacko really changed my perspective and my inner balance. He was able to understand how I felt and why. I was impressed with his ability to provide explanations and shed light on what I could do. Chacko is genuinely talented, insightful, and good at healing. He is above all a caring, trustworthy and kind person, so he is able to share his knowledge without judgement.

Director, leading Management school in France

Astrid Huebner

Chacko is a calm, centered soul in the human experience. His advice during the online emotional integration sessions is clear, warm and very intuitive. Over several sessions, my body opened up more and more and I felt safe and held during the session. Emotional integration is a method based on trust, surrender, listening and openness to the unknown. You may start with an intention at the beginning of the session and the process will reveal new directions and new possibilities. The path is the path to follow.

Body worker and De-armouring instructor

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