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Hello, I am Chacko!

I am delighted that you are now part of this moment, as I consider each encounter to be a unique and valuable experience.

Here, you will find insights into my personal life and discover the transformative tool known as ‘Feeling Technology’ that I incorporate into my sessions, including individual sessions, packages, and retreats.

My mission is to empower individuals to recognize and break free from repetitive patterns, encouraging them to fully embrace and feel their emotions in their body, ultimately unlocking more energy and vitality in their lives!

Want to enhace emotional management and understand your needs for unlocking your potential?

Are you seeking practical solutions to enhance emotional management, reduce stress and anxiety, and discover greater energy and balance in your life?

Do you aim to cultivate a healthy connection between your aspirations and apprehensions, shaping a personalized professional and personal vision?

Do you envision realizing your full human potential and sharing your ideas with others, even in the face of limiting beliefs?

Do you desire to unlock your charisma and magnetism, boosting self-confidence and inspiring confidence in others?

If these questions evoke sensations within you, both in your body and your thoughts, I invite you to delve deeper and explore what I have to offer.

My primary approach involves utilizing ‘Feeling Technology,’ a method rooted in bodily sensations. It serves as the primary tool to assist individuals in re-establishing a genuine connection with their bodies, emotions, and needs.


Forging a deep body connection lets you fully feel alive, using your ever-present body to embrace life.


Embracing and integrating your emotions not only acknowledges them but also reveals your needs.


Gaining deeper clarity in your body, your emotions, and your thoughts unlocks your potential.

Services I Offer

Reestablishing a genuine bond with your emotions and integrating them into your body for increased clarity.



Emotional Integration

Explore ‘Feeling Technology,’ a potent approach rooted in embracing and experiencing every emotion within your body. This tool empowers you to integrate diverse emotions, fostering greater clarity regarding your needs while harnessing additional energy in your life.

I provide both one-hour individual sessions and packages, available both in-person and remotely.




Retreats harness the power of collective transformation, benefiting from the synergy of a group. Sharing time and presence in a nurturing environment with fellow travelers on a similar journey can exponentially enhance your personal growth. Others in the group act as mirrors, providing the inspiration and support crucial for your own evolution.

In the workshops I host, I provide various tools that enable you to connect with your emotions, experience them physically, express them, and ultimately integrate and embrace them, leading to greater clarity regarding your needs and desires. These courses are designed with the intention of rekindling a profound connection with your body and emotions, facilitating the release of your untapped potential.

For individuals seeking to:

✨ Re-establish a genuine connection with their body, thoughts, and emotions

✨ Integrate their various emotional facets to break free from their hold

✨ Cultivate heightened bodily awareness, using the body as a tool – ‘Smart Body’

✨ Address and release accumulated traumas, stress, and tensions within the body

✨ Liberate themselves from mental interference to gain clarity in decision-making

✨ Cultivate inner harmony and enrich their relationships by aligning with their own needs and desires as well as those of others

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Bruno Chenesseau

I did several Emotional Integration sessions with Chacko. I was able to connect with my problems until I felt them physically. Rather than fighting them, recognizing them helps to establish a positive internal discourse. It works!

French Water Ski Champion (Veteran, 2019)

Niki Pappadapoulou

The session with Chacko really changed my perspective and my inner balance. He was able to understand how I felt and why. I was impressed with his ability to provide explanations and shed light on what I could do. Chacko is genuinely talented, insightful, and good at healing. He is above all a caring, trustworthy and kind person, so he is able to share his knowledge without judgement.

Director, leading Management school in France

Astrid Huebner

Chacko is a calm, centered soul in the human experience. His advice during the online emotional integration sessions is clear, warm and very intuitive. Over several sessions, my body opened up more and more and I felt safe and held during the session. Emotional integration is a method based on trust, surrender, listening and openness to the unknown. You may start with an intention at the beginning of the session and the process will reveal new directions and new possibilities. The path is the path to follow.

Body worker and De-armouring instructor

“Authentic power emerges as we navigate through darkness”


Who am I?

Hailing from India and residing in France, my mission revolves around guiding both men and women along their personal development journey. I am dedicated to creating a space where individuals can harness their inner strength by embracing their emotions and channeling their life energy into their bodies.

Regarding my background and professional expertise, I pride myself on being a versatile individual who thrives on exploring new horizons.

On one front, I serve as an instructor in geopolitics, intercultural management, personal development, and leadership, collaborating with diverse business schools in France. Additionally, I have accumulated nearly 15 years of specialization in intercultural training for companies engaged with India and other cultures. These dual roles enable me to maintain a practical connection with the realm of international trade and management.

On the other hand, since a young age, I’ve been drawn to philosophy, psychology, and metaphysics, leading me to experiment with various techniques and methods. As an enthusiastic knowledge seeker, I have immersed myself in the study of Tantric philosophy, Rebirth (Breathwork) methodology, Shamanic teachings, Energy Healing, and Emotional Integration techniques. These diverse experiences and trainings have nurtured my adventurous spirit.

Today, I see myself as a bridge between these two worlds. I feel equally at ease navigating the domains of business and commerce as I do when delving into deep discussions about the shamanic worldview. Like many of you, I too aspire to forge stronger connections between these seemingly contrasting spheres. It is to this transformational journey that I invite you in my individual coaching sessions and workshops.

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