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“Stop being a victim by allowing to feel fully what is present in this moment!”

Chacko Philip

Emotions and Human Beings

We are emotional beings. In the modern world, we give enormous importance to logic and reason, because they bring us certainty and allow us to allay our fears and our doubts. But if we observe our lives, it is emotions rather than logic that influence our lives.

When we dive a little deeper into our own inner depths, we can observe that below all logic and reason, it is the emotional aspects that hold the reins of our life. It is our emotions, more than our logic, that drive us to do certain things or act in a particular way.

Thus, observing our emotions and welcoming them are the first steps to fully becoming an emotional being. If we remain cut off from our emotions, they will express themselves through our bodies in different ways. In some cases, they will manifest themselves through physical illnesses, burnout, depression and may even have an impact on our vital and sexual expression.

Feeling Technology

In the ‘Feeling Techonology’ method developed by Gaston Bacchiani, one of the key steps to welcoming and accessing the hidden power of our emotions is to feel them in our body. When we take the time to feel our emotions, it allows us to create a real connection with them and welcome them as a part of us.

These emotions give us messages, sometimes direct and sometimes indirect. If we take the time to feel them and then make room for them in our body, they can reveal parts of us that are hidden or unconscious.

The bodily feeling is the authorization and validation of the existence of these different emotions and these patterns in us. This is the first step towards releasing the grip that certain emotions can have on our lives.

Emotional Integration

Emotional Integration (Feeling Technology by Gaston Bacchiani) is a powerful tool that allows us to bring more awareness to our emotional parts. Using our body as an instrument to feel, to breath and to create awareness, Emotional Integration encourages people to connect to their emotions to reintegrate them into the physical body in a conscious way.

This method is developed on the principle that Emotional Integration allows us to become aware of and welcome the different emotions that we experience as part of ourselves. It is a process of acknowledging their existence, in order to help them reveal out of the shadows.

Giving permission to these emotional parts to come out of hiding and consciously welcoming them, is already a big step towards healing our emotional wounds.

Since we are giving our emotions the right to exist, this technique releases a tremendous amount of space and energy within us, as we are no longer held hostage to our repetitive patterns and to stories that we tell ourselves.

We have taken the time to look at them, feel them and then consciously integrate them into our body. In this way, we recalibrate the emotional charge and also the cellular memories linked to this part of us.

So, this part of us becomes conscious, we see it, we recognize it and we integrate it as part of ourselves. We create a new relationship with ourselves through this step of integrating our emotional parts.

All our life, we are searching for validation and recognition from the outside. Finally, if we take the time to look at, to recognize and to integrate our emotional parts, we can free ourselves from their grip!

Feeling Technology’ by Gaston Bacchiani

‘Feeling Techonology’ is a process developed by Gaston Bacchiani from his own experiences in Emotional Integration. It is a process that anyone can easily follow as it is structured in 7 steps.

By using these 7 steps, we are invited to become aware of our emotions and feel them in our body. This method of integration has already been tested in 12 different countries with hundreds of people.

By doing individual sessions and training with Gaston Bacchiani, he transmitted his know-how of ‘Feeling Technology’. Today, I am approved by Gaston to use his method in my individual sessions and in group training.

My Services

To re-establish a deep connection with your emotions and integrate them into your body to bring more clarity

Initiatory Session

Initiation session

Discover this powerful tool based on welcoming and feeling each emotion and integrating its different emotional parts. During this session, I will guide you through the Seven Key Steps of this method, which will allow you to create links between your bodily feelings, your emotions and your needs to feel freer and have more energy.

Individual session of 1 hour face-to-face or by Zoom.

Price: 80 euro

Connection Pack

Connection Pack

This pack allows you to connect even more to your emotions, to become aware of your repetitive patterns, to clarify your functioning, your conditioning and your beliefs to better live your daily and professional life. These six individual sessions are designed to bring about changes in your ability to manage your emotions and make its effects visible within you.

Pack of 6 individual sessions of 1 hour in person or by Zoom over a period of 6 to 7 weeks.

Price: 440 euro

Transformation Pack

Transformation Pack

This pack allows you to go deeper into the process to bring about the transformation you expect in your life. By integrating emotions into your body and detaching yourself from their grip, you will be able to release more energy. These 12 individual sessions represent a deep emotional commitment to yourself and your aspirations in life.

Pack of 12 individual sessions of 1 hour in person or by Zoom over a period of 3 months.

Price: 880 euros

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How can I help you?

Bring more clarity and release more energy into your life!

By using the method of Emotional Integration, each individual can bring more and more clarity to their emotions, which will identify their needs and limits in each interaction.

When your needs and limitations are identified and then clarified in your body, all contractions (physical, emotional, and mental) release releasing the energy that was stuck in your body.

✨ Feel lighter and more energetic in your life in general

✨Connect to your emotions to re-create a deep connection with your body

✨ Integrate the different emotional parts to free yourself from their grip

✨ Act on traumas, stress, tensions that accumulate inside your body

✨Understand your daily functioning and develop more compassion towards yourself

✨ Change the way you look at your daily life, your professional life, and your relationship life

My story with emotions!

I grew up in southern India, more specifically in Kochi in Kerala, in a culture that strongly expressed emotions. I was bathed in emotional reactions in my family, at school, with my friends, on the streets and even in religious places.

The expression of emotions was not as taboo as in some other cultures. Personally, I am a hypersensitive person (I understood that much later in my adult life). The emotions of others or events in my life have often triggered strong emotions in me.

At times, I felt overwhelmed and it caused me to react with a lot of emotional charge towards others, especially towards the people who are close in my life. My parents and my sister are the people who have suffered the most consequences from my emotional outbursts.

Later, when I was married, it was my wife, who was surprised by some of my emotional reactions. And with my son and my current wife, I can also be caught up in emotions very quickly, sometimes disproportionately in comparison to the French cultural norms.

The relationship between my emotions and I is very deep and they have allowed me to understand myself deeply. When I started to take the time to look at them and welcome them, they revealed a lot of things about me, my shadows and my strengths.

It is true that today looking at my emotions and integrating them into my body allows me to get out of the emotional grips and from the emotional reactions that I had created.

It is this connection with my own story that now allows me to guide others to connect with their emotions and integrate them to bring more clarity in their lives!


Bruno Chenesseau

I did several Emotional Integration sessions with Chacko. I was able to connect with my problems until I felt them physically. Rather than fighting them, recognizing them helps to establish a positive internal discourse. It works!

French Water Ski Champion (Veteran, 2019)

Niki Pappadapoulou

The session with Chacko really changed my perspective and my inner balance. He was able to understand how I felt and why. I was impressed with his ability to provide explanations and shed light on what I could do. Chacko is genuinely talented, insightful, and good at healing. He is above all a caring, trustworthy and kind person, so he is able to share his knowledge without judgement.

Director, leading Management school in France

Astrid Huebner

Chacko is a calm, centered soul in the human experience. His advice during the online emotional integration sessions is clear, warm and very intuitive. Over several sessions, my body opened up more and more and I felt safe and held during the session. Emotional integration is a method based on trust, surrender, listening and openness to the unknown. You may start with an intention at the beginning of the session and the process will reveal new directions and new possibilities. The path is the path to follow.

Body worker and De-armouring instructor

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